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Angela Daniel’s videos on her new website are awesome!

Angela Daniel’s videos on her new website are awesome! I am not new to couponing, but have never taken a class. What I know I have learned on my own over the last seven years or so, but I’ve wanted to take her class, because I’m sure there are things she can teach me that I don’t know! This is wonderful for me because I haven’t been able to make it to a class yet! For those who may be hesitant, DON’T BE! It is well worth the money! Think of it as a small investment for your future! Plus you can watch them more than once if you need to! Here’s a tip: Have a notebook and pen with you when you watch the videos so that you can take notes (it will help you later). Thank you for all you do Angela!!!

— Jana D.

I am so blessed by what I learned

After taking Angela Daniel’s class, I was couponing along and not feeling very accomplished until I looked at my cabinets and freezer and at the total amount I had spent. My cabinets were packed! I was out of room to put anything and my freezer was almost full, too. In only 2 months, I had went from barely having anything in my cabinets to having a fully stocked pantry and freezer. I was feeling bad because I was not spending as little as Angela did, but I was spending less and less each week! Then we had a crisis or two and money was really tight. No problem, we ate off our stockpile. We ONLY bought the necessities such as milk, eggs, and snack cakes for my husband. We lived like this for three months before we started adding items like meat. Of course our pantry began to run low during the 4-6 months of this, but because we had built up the stockpile, we ate regular meals the entire time not just hotdogs or something else really cheap. We even had a couple of turkey dinners and Christmas dinner out of it. I am so blessed by what I learned in Angela’s classes. Now that the crisis is almost behind us, I am looking forward to taking the knowledge I gained and using it to refill my cabinets and freezer!

— Karen L.

Thank u 100 times!!

You have changed how I shop and made a huge impact on my spending! Thank u 100 times!!

— Tiffany C.

A successful life changing experience

Joining The Coup Loop was truly a blessing from God! I will NEVER shop the same again.  Knowing how to use coupons correctly and to save tons on my grocery/toiletry bill has literally kept us above water and out of debt. We are gradually coming out of the hole! I actually thought I could figure couponing out on my own, but until I took Angela’s class I still didn’t know half as much as I learned there! I honestly recommend Angela Daniel/The Coup Loop for a successful life changing experience.

— Travisa M.

I thought I had all the information I needed

As a seasoned couponer, I thought I had all the information I needed for saving money, but I wanted to see what I might be missing. I signed up for one of Angela’s classes and was able to pick up on some big things I WAS missing. In addition to Angela’s class, I became a part of The Coup Loop which has support for everyone wanting to save money. I am able to score some deals that other “Loopers” have found and that I might not have gotten. Don’t let people tell you that using coupons is a waste of time. They just don’t realize how much money they are throwing away by not being one of us!

—Marianne M.

Fun and informative

Angela’s class is fun and informative. Her ideas not only save my family money but time spent preparing and searching for sale prices and coupon matches. Angela teaches how to use coupons properly and how to make shopping with coupons second nature.

—Christy L.

I would have given up on couponing again

When I found The Coup Loop Facebook page, I thought it would be like all the other coupon pages. Being that I’m not local to TCL area, I also thought this won’t help me. I was SO WRONG! Following Angela’s helpful tips and lessons, I have managed to save half or more on my shopping trips. This, in return, has helped me pay off credit cards and save for a “rainy” day. If it wasn’t for Angela and The Coup Loop I would have given up on couponing again.

— Kim H.

She changed the way that I looked at coupons

I couponed before and it was frustrating and time consuming until I attended Angela’s class and she changed the way that I looked at coupons and the way I organize them. Her bubbly personality makes learning all the new information fun! I love how she teaches people to ethically use coupons. it is really saved my family hundreds of dollars each month! I found the actual couponing to be fun and almost like a treasure hunt.

— Jolene B.

Empowering and informative

With limited time to coupon, Angela Daniel’s class was empowering and informative. Although I am still new to this, I usually save 50% with limited effort, and look forward to becoming more skilled to really save more. The Coup Loop Facebook group is also extremely encouraging.

— Sheana S.

You bring a presence to each gathering

Angela, what I learned from you, aside from some of the best organizational skills I’ve ever seen, is that people CAN and SHOULD always be ethical when practicing couponing. You can share all your hard-learned knowledge till blue in the face, but without ethical and moral behavior to go with it, makes it worthless. YOU gave me permission to remain an honest person while still saving more than I have ever done in my life. You bring a presence to each gathering of integrity, fun and a feeling of capability. Even the most shy, introverted homebody like myself leaves with a sense of doors flung open to worlds of possibilities. Thank you Angela Daniel, for being who and what you are!

— Mimi J.

A very good investment

I couponed before taking Angela Daniel’s class. I would clip all my coupons, which was very time consuming. I was shopping at CVS, but I was also wanting to learn to coupon for groceries. After Angela’s class, I learned to file my inserts and make my shopping list. I only clip the coupons I am using for my shopping trip. I don’t have to spend hours clipping and it’s easier to keep up with what insert has what coupon. My last shopping trip was a total of $137.47, which included 2 $50 gas cards. I saved $220.99 and brought home 64 items and 2 gas cards. Taking Angela’s class was a very good investment.

— Sara G.

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