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Helpful stuff to get you couponing along and saving money

Monthly Totals Spreadsheet

This is a very simple spreadsheet that gets the job done. Opens in Excel. Instructions given on first page. It is also a good idea to think about using FREE Google Docs that has a built-in speadsheet application. Google Docs is tied to your google account and can be accessed from any computer.


Start using Google Docs now!

173 Manufacturers to Contact for High Value Coupons

Most companies have coupons that they send out to loyal customers. So, take a moment and contact a new company to see if you can score some great coupons, possibly even for free products.

How to freeze baby carrots

A great way to freeze baby carrots to use in stews, soups and casseroles. Buy them when they’re on sale and use them when you need them!

How to freeze eggs

Frozen properly they can be used for up to ONE YEAR!

How to freeze mushrooms

A great way to freeze mushrooms for future use in all your cooked dishes. Buy them when they’re cheap and use them when you need them!

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