Couponing changed my lifeAngela

Hi, I’m Angela! My story is pretty simple. I began couponing because I was drowning in a sea of debt. Then I was hit by a tornado, which didn’t help my finacial situation AT ALL.

I worked a full-time day job, but even back then, my income was not enough to pay all the bills, so I had been looking into getting a part-time job. Ultimately, I decided to give couponing a try as a means not to earn extra money, but to save the hundreds of dollars I was spending each month on groceries and eating out. Within one full year of couponing, I was able to pay off over $7,000 in credit card debt because I was no longer paying a huge amount of money at the grocery store and cut dining out from my life.

With couponing, you spend a very small fraction of money on goods all while bringing in 3+ times the amount of products!

Every year I have couponed, I have saved an average of $10,000 by smart shopping and using coupons alone. I have been featured as shopping and coupon expert for a local Birmingham TV station, lectured at public events, taught hundreds to ethically and correctly coupon through my personal classes, write money-saving/couponing articles for multiple newspapers across Alabama, and I run my own coupon group on Facebook called The Coup Loop. And did I mention, I also had a full-time day job on top of all this? 

You can’t believe the misconceptions you may have heard about couponing. I am proof that couponing and savvy shopping can turn not only your finances, but your life around. Cash Back

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Benefits of Couponing

You will notice the benefits of couponing after just one class.


Save on your shopping transactions at the grocery, drug and retail stores

Spending thousands less for your groceries, toiletries and household goods means that you have money for other things in life.


Provide for yourself and your family

Couponing will allow you to fill your pantry and create a stockpile of products to maintain your household for an extended length of time, all while keeping money in your bank account.


An overwhelming sense of pride

Seeing the results of couponing not only in your bank account, but in your home, truly makes you proud knowing that you have made such a major contribution to your household.


Try new products

With couponing, nothing is off limits to you in the stores any longer. Paying so very little for items means that you can branch out and try new products you may not have had before because they were out of your budget.

Angela Daniel teaches the value of couponing as well as the benefits

You Too Can Learn to Save

Ok y’all, here’s my weekly grocery run. I separated my trips to 2 different Publix stores over a couple of days so not to clear any shelves. $407.54 for OOP $0. And I received 2 $10 gift cards, which actually earned me a profit.

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Angela Daniel's videos on her new website are awesome!

For those who may be hesitant, DON’T BE! It is well worth the money! Think of it as a small investment for your future!

Thank u 100 times!!

You have changed how I shop and made a huge impact on my spending! Thank u 100 times!!

A successful life changing experience

Joining The Coup Loop was truly a blessing from God! I will NEVER shop the same again.

I thought I had all the information I needed

As a seasoned couponer, I thought I had all the information I needed for saving money but

Fun and informative

Angela’s class is fun and informative. Her ideas not only save my family money but time spent preparing

I would have given up on couponing again

When I found The Coup Loop Facebook page, I thought it would be like all the other coupon pages.

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